Governmental Regulations & Compliance for C-Stores with gas stations

It is not fun, it is not sexy, but it is absolutely necessary for the smooth operation of your gas station and for a smooth transition (if and when you decide to sell).

There are a lot of licenses and permits on the town and state levels required to run a gas station.

I counted, and in Massachusetts, there are at least five permits. Not including Stage 1, Veeder Root, cathodic, and third-party testing. On top of this, there is inventory reconciliation, and Class A/B operator record keeping. Sometimes it may feel like you are working for the government, not running a business.

Some operators throw up their hands and decide not to keep clean records. Do not make this mistake. Having out-of-date licenses and permits, or not following testing and record-keeping regulations can get you in hot water and cost you thousands.

Several testing companies out there also will do record-keeping for you for an additional cost. This may be money well-spent.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the paperwork component of your operation, ask your testing company if they can help.

When selling, it is important to have all your permits and licenses up to date. It is also important to understand the environmental status of your site. If there is any
contamination, it is far better to get out in front of it than to wait for a buyer to find it (and they will find it) and slow your sale to a halt.

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